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Dawkins talks Sociology… and Fails Miserably


Richard Dawkins, the celebrated biologist and oft-described member of the “four horsemen” of atheism has opened his mouth before thinking again. He recently put the following on Twitter: All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge.

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Who are atheists?

When last we left our hero, he was blissfully unaware of how much work was really expected of him… In the course of meandering my way through this first week, I’ve hit on a couple of possible topics for my

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Telling people how to feel doesn’t work


Researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough recently submitted an article to the journal Psychological Science showing how, basically, telling people not to be prejudiced backfires on us and actually increases prejudice in those told. Based heavily on self-determination theory,

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Ask an Atheist Day


Today I attended my very first Ask an Atheist Day as one of the Atheists behind the table. It was great fun, although I didn’t get to be there for the vast majority of the day (stupid classes and their

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Dueling Billboards

god listens to slayer

While I don’t agree with his ultimate message (Keep it to Yourself and we’ll all get along), he’s got some extremely funny retorts to the painful black-and-white god messages billboards.

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Why Can't You Leave Religion Alone?

Not the Philosophy of Atheism

The Thinking Atheist posted this question, along with a lengthy answer, on their Facebook page as a note. I post it here for a couple of reasons: 1. Because I agree completely with it. 2. Because it is a perfect

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Skeptics in the Pub

Tonight, in about an hour, I will be giving a talk at the Springfield Freethinkers monthly Skeptics in the Pub event. The topic of said talk will be Cognitive Dissonance. As my grandfather used to say I’m “nervous as a

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Happy Thanksgiving


So now that most of us are well past the point of having eaten turkey, visited with family, and had a generally nice start to their long weekend I would like to remind everyone of the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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Skepticon 3


Today marked the closing of the third annual Skepticon hosted in the buckle of the bible belt; Springfield, Missouri. With registration tipping 1400 (actual attendance closer to half that), it became one of the largest conferences of its kind in

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On the highway of rhetoric don't get caught in a cloverleaf

Confusing, isn't it? I'm a frayed knot!

Look for the diverging diamond

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